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New York University (New York)

New York University (NYU) is one of the largest private institutions of higher education in the United States. Branches of the university are officially employed in 25 countries of the world. New York University has the largest number of students studying at New York University, where more than 30% of students from abroad are students

University of California, Berkeley, California

The University of Berkeley has more than 1,600 students studying in organizations that represent more than 70 countries. This is one of the best solutions for college students. Hire essay writers Essaypro.com. The school also has innovative financial assistance programmes, including departmental and graduate scholarships, for which international students are eligible for scholarships

Statistics show that 1 of 3 international students are studying in California, New York or Texas (over 60 thousand). Nevertheless, many other institutions have a large international presence. The following list shows the highest states and universities for international students. Check our writing essay service: https://essayservice.com

Texas University in Dallas, Texas

The UT Dallas welcomes students from all over the world to study in 90 major and doctoral programs. It is a proud host of over 7,000 international students from 102 countries. The great community appreciates diversity and provides foreign students with a multicultural experience in a pleasant atmosphere

NorthEast University (Massachusetts)

More than 2,900 partner organizations are located in the north-east of the country, and international students from around 122 countries per year are on campus. The University places particular emphasis on interdisciplinary research, focusing on global health, safety and sustainability challenges. The northeast is a costly option compared to some other schools, but its percentage of students is also slightly higher

Stanford University

Stanford University is a private institution that has one of the best financial support programmes for any college in the country. In the 2015 -2016 academic year, it provided extensive financial assistance to students from abroad. In addition, the Bechtel International Centre offers several activities, classes and seminars to support 7 per cent of students who are part of the international community

University of Pennsylvania (Pennsylvania)

One of the nine original colonies of the colonies, Upenn, is the largest percentage of international students of any Ivy League college. Although its price tag is slightly higher, the school offers many centres, institutes and training programmes to help international students from more than 100 countries feel at home. The school also offers courses in several languages and has an extensive English language program to help the international community adapt to life in the United States

Florida Institute of Technology

FIT is a great choice for international students, as it is very high when it comes to the percentage of students from other countries. The school has an active Internationalization of the Campus Committee, which stands for 1000 students on campus. International students have access to immigration services, visa consultations, seminars and a number of programmes and activities. In addition, the school offers resources to provide financial assistance to international students

Columbia University (New York)

The Columbia University registration of international students may be at the student's level, but this number will be 42% in the search for graduates and professional schools. General university education, including all levels of curricula, medical school and ongoing studies, is 28 per cent. School teachers participate actively in the global study and facilitate coordination between scientists from the United States and other countries

Illinois Institute of Technology

The International Center for Illinois Tech provides extensive opportunities for students, who make up 23% of students. The school offers recommendations to international students, including immigration, tax preparation, visa guidelines and a dialogue programme in English. The IIT also provides assistance in the area of the city of Chicago and navigation on all sights and popular tourist destinations